Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Sept. 2020 - May 2024
GPA: 3.88/4.0


Wayfair, Boston, MA
Jul. 2022 - Dec. 2022
Software Engineer Co-Op, Resilience Operations Center


Instant Messaging App (Python)
Apr. 2024
Chat client and server impleneted with mutual authentication, provides perfect forward secrecy, hiding-from-server, integrity and confidentiality for all communications.

Bluedit (Typescript/Next. js/React/MongoDB/Prisma)
Nov. 2023 - Dec. 2023
An online post-based forum developed with Next.js and maximizing its server-side rendering capabilities.

File system (C/LibFUSE)
Dec. 2023
A FUSE filesystem driver that allow users to mount a 1MB disk image with support for all standard file/dir commands, using a single indirect pointer.
Note: Source code available upon request, stored in private repository.